AKUDA LABS is led by an experienced management team that brings together extensive expertise covering big data, business intelligence, supercomputing and linguistic analysis. Our team features some of the most sought after talent in the industry and has a unique and powerful blend of experience that spans Fortune 500s like IBM, Silicon Graphics, Intel, eBay, General Electric and Citi to Inc 500s like Half.com, Move.com, Ecount, TurnTide and 4anything.com.

Vincent Schiavone, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, is an expert in business intelligence, privacy, information security and social media. Prior to AKUDA LABS, Vince was the Co-founder and Chairman of Turntide Inc., an anti- spam technology company acquired by Symantec Corp. and Co-Founder of Mediagistics, a search analytics and arbitrage company. Prior to that, he was the Co-founder and Principal of InfoSec Labs, an information security company, which was acquired by SafeNet. Prior to that, Vince developed ISRecon, an information security intelligence technology for ICSA.

Luis Stevens, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, is an expert in supercomputing, data modeling, and semantic analysis. Prior to AKUDA LABS, Luis was the Founder and CTO of Knogee, a semantic search engine company. Before that, he was Chief Architect at Cast Iron Systems, an application integration appliance company acquired by IBM. Prior to that, he was Chief Software Architect at NetBoost, a multi-engine network processing company acquired by Intel. Prior to that, Luis was the Lead Architect at SGI where he led the development of the ORIGIN NUMA Multiprocessor System which is still in use by the NSA. Luis graduated from Stanford University.